Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging effectively with stakeholders is fundamental to successful business in the 21st century as the issues challenging organizations become increasingly complex and stakeholder pressure increasing broad.

At Stakeholder Research Associates, engaging with stakeholders is core to our service approach. We are focused on helping clients transform their engagement activities from a risk-management approach to a deeply rooted aspect of strategic planning. We bring extensive experience working with clients and their stakeholders to develop the appropriate conditions for value-creating engagement.

Our toolkit includes:

  • Creating high-leverage solutions through outcome-oriented partnerships
  • Gathering broad-based opinion through customized, large-scale stakeholder surveys
  • Initiating issue-specific dialogue with opinion formers
  • Informing organizational strategy using iterative advisory panel input


Sustainable Energy Engagement

In the sustainable energy space policy development is under rapid change. Our experience indicates that policies developed with input from stakeholders lead to increased transparency, accountability and understanding, and improved sustainable energy policy outcome.

Dr. David Wheeler has supported substantive stakeholder engagement initiatives related to energy policy development and efficiency programs in Nova Scotia and Alberta.

Energy Efficiency Program Development, Alberta, 2016: David was Chair of Alberta’s Energy Efficiency Advisory Panel. The panel’s mandate included speaking with Albertans, Indigenous communities, local governments, and stakeholders to determine the types of programs that a new provincial agency, Energy Efficiency Alberta, can deliver in the short- and medium-terms. The focus was on programs and opportunities for consumers, businesses and communities. More than 1,000 stakeholders participated.

Hydraulic Fracturing, Nova Scotia, 2013/2014: David lead the independent review and public participation process on hydraulic fracturing in Nova Scotia.1

Renewable Electricity Strategy, Nova Scotia, 2009: David was chief facilitator charged with delivering  a strategy to significantly increase the level of renewable energy generation in the Province, engaging 300+ provincial stakeholders.2

Energy Efficiency Strategy, Nova Scotia, 2008/2009: David supported delivery of a new provincial framework for electricity energy efficiency, including inception of an independent, performance-based administrator, engaging 40 stakeholders.2


Identifying the Issues that Matter

In today’s resource-constrained business climate, organizations are engaging with their stakeholders, inside and outside the company, to help focus their practices and communications on the issues that matter most. Stakeholder Research Associates helps organizations gather and analyze industry trends and stakeholder opinion to prioritize, validate and act on the issues most critical to success. For more information see our Sustainability Reporting services.


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  2. A Participatory Approach to Sustainable Energy Strategy Development in a Carbon-intensive Jurisdiction: The Case of Nova Scotia. Michelle Adams, David Wheeler, Genna Woolston. Energy Policy, Volume 39, Issue 5, May 2011, Pages 2550-2559.

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