Strategy and Solutions

To succeed in today’s global marketplace, organizations must continuously re-invent and transform their business models. Navigating turbulent, external environments and unexpected events demands competence in embracing and thriving on fundamental changes to organizational culture and individual mindsets.

In our experience, these challenges cannot be overcome using conventional methods and traditional timeframes. Our approach to managing change builds on a process of systematic inquiry into core organizing processes and mindsets with the aim of unleashing the inherent capacity of individuals to explore, identify and achieve positive impacts in economic and human terms.


Leadership Development

Managing change in turbulent times requires confidence, creativity and flexibility. Stakeholder Research Associates provides customized learning tools designed specifically for middle and senior managers operating in to the area of corporate responsibility. Our goal is to build an organization’s leadership resiliency and readiness to engage with internal and external stakeholders and, with their support, embrace change.


Supply Chain Strategies

There is a growing need to incorporate social, environmental and governance considerations into supply chain management and decision-making as company supply chains become ever more diversified and complex. Progressive companies are increasingly moving from supply chain compliance to supplier engagement.

Our toolkit includes:

  • Social Compliance Program assessment and benchmarking
  • Code of Conduct development or refresh
  • Supplier risk mapping
  • KPI development
  • Supplier engagement
  • Social compliance training
  • Supply chain reporting


SRA partners have provided Strategy and Solutions support for: